The failure of Brexit will end his political career Theresa may

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Theresa may, the Prime Minister has lost the battle for Brexit. Held on the eve of the vote on the agreement with the European Union about London outside the EU on the eve of the failed: 432 deputies voted against, and only 202. This fiasco, may.
What does it mean? At least, that on March 29, Brexit, it seems, will not take place. Politicians do not like the current version of the agreement with the EU, which was consistent all of last year, and it is clear that the remaining time for a new project is not enough. In addition, this failure in Parliament, the largest party lost power, the battle for the history of the house of Commons. For Mei it is a huge blow to the political reputation. However, the fact that she has done for Brexit everything and more to belittle, no way.
By the way, today in the house of Commons will consider the issue on confidence to the government of the United Kingdom. It’s serious, but the markets are in place.
And Brexit? It is obvious that the use of “soft” version of the agreement with the EU anymore. There are “hard”, which implies a Brexit no trade agreements with EU countries. But this scenario will deal a severe blow to the UK economy and its businesses, and the echo effects heard in years. Hope that may very quickly “run” on all those who disagree with the amended terms of the agreement remains, but the EU itself can be against the amendment and then Brexit will be delayed.
On the eve of the pound sterling fell sharply in tandem with the U.S. dollar, but the market obviously is not enough volatility or determination. Now the pair GBP/USD has recovered and is trading at 1,2850 waiting for news. It is not excluded that with the advent of new information from England active in the tool will increase the likely corridor of trading today is 1,2746-reach 1.2900 levels.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,