The experts are changing the forecast of bitcoin and believe in its decline more than growth

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Stock Markets Group – Recent weeks have shown that bitcoin is deprived of attention from potential investors as the only promising asset long-term investments.
The decline in trading volumes in bitcoin and the difficulty of mining bitcoins have become the primary reasons why capital is forced to seek other investment tools.
Experts say that in 2017 the appeal of Bitcoin in the majority were caused by high volatility and the possibility of speculation on the rapid UPS cost.
Today the cryptocurrency market has changed, and with it the rate of bitcoin has become more stable. Some analysts are already saying that with such a reduction of attention to the cryptocurrency, the bitcoin’s price can fall below $ 1,000.
Another factor, which has popularized in the past, the asset is anonymity.
However, given the struggle of regulators of different countries to launder money using crypto currencies very soon this feature of bitcoin could become a conditional that will exclude from the price of the digital coins another part of market participants.
Currently, the regulation of cryptocurrencies for officials of some countries still implies bans, but experts are optimistic and expect a time when the only instrument of control of the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were the hard limit is about to end.
In the current situation, the price of bitcoin is much closer to justified than it was two or three months ago. That is why the competition for leadership between, once the only cryptocurrency, and other derivatives is growing every day.
The recovery of prices with a minimum of $6 000 agreed in December 2017, is already not as active as before, but it should not be considered a disadvantage. On the contrary, the behavior of the players answer the main question exciting cryptologist the bitcoin in the future to take a worthy place in the line financial instruments of the first echelon, such as gold or the U.S. dollar.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™