The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is growing despite the risk of stopping the project Libra

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The main cryptocurrency in the environment grow in value in the correction to the fall of the previous days. Recovery from lifting doesn’t stop them, even the information that the Facebook company may refuse to launch their own cryptocurrency Libra due to a significant oversight by the regulators. In its report for the second quarter of this year, the leadership Facebook reported that it could not provide assurance that Libra and related projects will be launched in due time and in principle will be implemented.
Despite this news, bitcoin exchange rate of 9.00 per day, according Libertex, increased by 3.17% to 9739 dollars in capitalization 173,6 billion. Ethereum by this time rose by 2.84% to 212,8 USD, its market capitalization amounted to 22.8 billion dollars. XRP per day rose by 3.63% to 0,3199 in the capitalisation of 13.7 billion dollars. Litecoin firmed by 3.43% to 92.2 dollars, its market capitalization reached the level of 5.8 billion dollars. The total capitalization of the stock market amounted to 269,1 billion.
According to financial scouts for the replacement market growth may continue in the short term, despite negative news. In this case, bitcoin can rise up to 9800 dollars, Ethereum – up to $ 215, XRP – to 0.32 dollar and Litecoin to 93 dollars.
Eugene Turchin,
Financial scout,
Forex Club