The exchange rate of bitcoin per day lost almost 6%, sales of cryptocurrencies has increased

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The bitcoin exchange rate on 26 March to 18:00 Moscow time, according Libertex, decreased by 5.9% to 8,110 thousand dollars 8,622 thousand at 18:25 Moscow time on March 23. The most famous cryptocurrency in the last three days tried to reach a level of 9 thousand dollars, but then fell back to the level of 8,5 thousand, and then in the area of 8 thousand dollars.
The market capitalization of bitcoin to 18:05 MSK was about 137,6 billion vs billion 147,0 three days earlier.
Western European stock markets on Monday evening were down 0.3-0.8 percent, offsetting growth in the first half of the day. Geopolitical risks keep the pressure on the stock markets.
Index Mosberg 18:13 Monday because of rising geopolitical risks have decreased since the start of trading on 1.7% to 2244 points, we Expect that in the next session, the indicator will fluctuate in the range 2190-2300 points. The RTS index was reduced by 2.4% to 1231 points and the next auction is likely to fluctuate in the corridor 1200-1265 points.
The dollar 18:17 GMT growing since the beginning of the session, by 0.4% against the ruble to 57.5 ruble, while the Euro rose in price by 1.2% to 71.6 ruble. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range of 57 to 58 roubles, Euro – in the corridor of 70.4-72.8 ruble.
As for bitcoin, it will attempt to stay at the round support level of 8 thousand dollars. From kryptonopolis it should be noted that the digital money or cryptocurrency in the future can be used in Russia as a means of payment, but only in cases and on terms that will be set in legislation. This follows from the draft law on regulation of relations in the framework of the “digital economy”.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club