The exchange rate of bitcoin on the threshold of a global collapse?

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The last hope for the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) melt away. And now again subsiding optimistic statements that previously sounded when last week demonstrated positive dynamics, but again there was a reversal of the trend and repeatedly bitter experience with a December 2017 chose to immediately retire.
Now from a collapse of bitcoin keeps little. Morning auction held in the $7375 and overcome it – only a matter of time. Smart money is already armed with a Cup of coffee and shorts on BTC, and willing to pull the profit Golden shovel. Note that all as relevant now, the first targets in the areas of $6670 – $6800, but will they remain satisfied with this victory, or you want more “blood of bulls”?
Not conducive to the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate even the willingness of one of the most popular cryptoendoliths John McAfee to compete for the post of President of America in 2020. Of course, it could be just a good joke or a new PR campaign for the cryptocurrency, but the desired effect is this message he has not yet reached.
Continued collapse and another popular currency Ethereum (ETH). It all became witnesses of focus in an attempt to re-achieve to $600, where it worked numerous stop orders to sell orders and open new pending orders. But it was not there, because the prices have gone down as an attacking hawk. We maintain the relevance of the vision for the coming weeks to reduce in the area of $570 to support $500 – $530.
Follow the related market professionals and make money with “smart money” and we are still waiting for the denouement of the film “the new wreck of the Titanic”.
Paul Shipunov,
Head of unit, analysis and research,