The exchange rate of bitcoin on 18 October: Experts expect the imminent collapse of the cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today continues to show signs of weakness, losing on average 0.9%.
The reduction of the digital asset has not yet gained momentum, however, experts expect that in the coming days, the sellers will increase pressure on bitcoin.
Chart bitcoin/dollar indicates low activity of the players, and the rate reached next resistance (upper border of the Ichimoku indicator). In such a situation, any negative signal could provoke a sell, especially that last race course has found support from major investors.
Курс биткоина 18 октября: Эксперты ожидают скорого падения криптовалюты
The current most popular crypto-currencies are trading mixed, which also confirms the uncertainty of participants of the stock market.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate strengthened Cash position at 0.74% and is around 454$, the price Ripple increased by 0.46% and reached the level 0.4796$, the value of Ethereum increased by 0.12% to uravu 207$, Bitcoin Gold dipped by 0.3% and fell to 26.94$.
The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is currently $196 366 billion.

The bitcoin exchange rate remains at the mercy of hackers

According to the latest research company Group-IB published in the annual report HI-Tech Crime Trends 2018, for the first nine months of the current year losses of cryptocurrency exchanges from hacker attacks amounted to 882 million dollars in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Hacking has been 14 trading floors of which 5 are organized by the Lazarus team from North Korea .
Among the victims of the crypto currency exchange such as Coinis, YouBit, Bithumb, Coincheck and Yapizon.
The main tool used by hackers is to target phishing, the essence of which is infected by a computer network and the subsequent penetration of the computers on which the operations are carried out with private money kryptomere.
It is characteristic that phishing is not only used for ulama of ciptofloxacin, but to attack ICO platforms and their participants.
So in 2017 in this way was stolen about 10% of all investments attracted to the projects.
About 56% of the stolen funds have ICO to a phishing attack, and often it happens during the initial collection of investment when future project participants to remain vigilant in the pursuit to become the first investors.
Despite the relatively high risk and repeated attempts by regulators in many countries to enhance the security of kryptomere via checking, the problem of hacking and hacker attacks, for bitcoin exchange rate remains one of the most important.
Курс биткоина 18 октября: Эксперты ожидают скорого падения криптовалюты
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™