The exchange rate of bitcoin of $ 250,000, the examiner made a loud statement

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate continues to set records and eve successfully crossed another important level of $ 7,000, where was fixed a little higher.
At the time of writing this article the price of Bitcoin adds 1.41% trying to stay a little higher. According to experts, a surge of optimism caused by nothing more than the emergence of large transactions for the purchase on the market.
Thus, the cryptocurrency may still be subject to manipulations on the part of the holders of a large number of coins and cause strong movement.
Other cryptocurrency in the top ten show a positive trend.
So, Bitcoin Cash has appreciated by 0.08%, Ripple price soared to 2.54%, the cost of Ethereum increased by 0.61%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold gaining 0.14% for the same coin on the crypto currency exchange offer 21.63 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is 125 084 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar sharply directed upwards, indicating the appearance on the market of crypto-currencies of the major players.
Price BTC has reached the mark of September 2018, and technically it is quite a strong resistance to advance further.
Курс биткоина 250 000 долларов, эксперт сделал громкое заявление
However, given the optimism with which the players continue to buy bitcoin, the bulls today, nothing threatens, and small recoil of quotations fits into the overall scenario for growth.
Technical indicators are also pointing to the growth of cryptocurrencies in the short term.

The rate of bitcoin will be at $ 250,000

This was in another interview Fox Business said the billionaire venture capital investor Tim Draper.
In his opinion, the 5% share of the global market, bitcoin could reach, thus the model of venture capital will be changed.
“In the end, I expect that there will also be the Fund in which I accept bitcoins, conduct financial transactions in bitcoins and make payments to its employees in bitcoin as well. In this case, I don’t need accounting, I don’t break the law and I cannot be accused of forgery. I hope that this will soon happen”
In addition, all transactions occurring in the network will be available to all participants, making such operations with cryptocurrency is completely transparent.
Draper also expects that the rate of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 in the long term, although the cryptocurrency is still very far away. However, if the coin will capture only 5% of the market it will give reason to hope that in the future nothing is impossible.
Курс биткоина 250 000 долларов, эксперт сделал громкое заявление
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™