The exchange rate of bitcoin never ceases to amaze what is happening with cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate at the end of the day launched a technical decline, which we wrote about earlier, and fell to the level of 4894 dollar, which is 1.68% less than the opening day.
However, globally on the cryptocurrency market is still present a sufficient number of active buyers able to push the Bitcoin price to new highs.
Other cryptocurrencies as well started to decline and lose value at the close of trading.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash collapsed in the second half of the day at 9.37%, Ripple retreated to 4.10%, price Ethereum falls to 4.4%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold fell by 0.83%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer 15.71 dollar.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has reduced and currently amounts to 85 825 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar indicates a technical retracement, which is not a surprise for the players with such a sharp increase in the last days.
Курс биткоина не перестает удивлять, что происходит с криптовалютой Technically, the market is biased towards the strong support of the course of bitcoin, and in our opinion a further decline in BTC will be used “bulls” to open new long positions on the.
Recent trading volumes on bitcoin have increased significantly, as capital continues to arrive at the market. So at the moment there is no risk that the most popular asset will fall below the key support 4 $ 700.
What repents fundamental factors, the experts note a rather favorable external background for the subsequent recovery of bitcoin prices and the growth of shopping.
Cryptocurrency fell for two years, and many major players do not want to wait for important bitcoin infrastructure solutions from regulators.
The tension in the market has grown so much that radically change the balance of forces in the direction of the sellers will be difficult. During the global bearish trend the asset is managed to remain the centre of attention of investors, who remained faithful to the hopes of a repetition of the situation in December 2017 when the token has reached the level of $ 20,000.
But this time, according to experts, the forecast for the growth of quotations can be smaller, at 10,000 dollars because most speculators who previously was able to shake the market gone.
Курс биткоина не перестает удивлять, что происходит с криптовалютой
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™