The exchange rate of bitcoin made a sharp turn down

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Stock Markets Group – After yesterday’s good day the exchange rate of bitcoin losing ground, losing 1.77%, and currently stands 3892 dollar.
As we wrote earlier, the reaction of the cryptocurrency market in the last message about the postponement of the launch of futures trading on the most popular asset was slightly delayed and most likely the price of Bitcoin will continue to decline in the coming days.
Most altcoins are also rushed down.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash decreased by 3.65% and it is on from the label, 171 the dollar, the price of Ripple fell to 3.37% and reached the level of $ 0.38, the value of Ethereum falls by 2.7% to 156 USD and Bitcoin exchange rate Gold loses 3.09% for one coin on cryptomeria offer $ 14.
Capitalization of the stock market at the moment are also reduced and is 122 173 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar changes direction to negative, and the price is again trying to break through the moving average down.
Until the buyers have nothing to worry about, since the first support is in the area of 3 900$, and the second (slow line of Ichimoku indicator) is located at 3 700 dollars.
Курс биткоина совершил резкий разворот вниз
The situation in cryptocurrency market remains neutral for the holidays, and small bursts of negativity and sudden growth is allowed on such a delicate market.
We will remind that earlier it became known about the postponement of the launch of a bitcoin ETF on the stock exchange Bakkt, as the Commission on trade in commodity futures the US does not have time to coordinate all the issues with the trading platform.
Experts predict that the current transfer date may not be the last, and this will lead to even greater drop in the exchange rate of bitcoin in the coming months.
As it became known that the founder of Stellar, jed McCaleb said that the bitcoin is unlikely to be in the future be used by banks. He is confident, the future is in the blockchain-Technologia used when making payments, but it doesn’t have to be a blockchain of bitcoin.
Describing the current situation on the stock market and the exchange rate of bitcoin, McCaleb noted that periods of strong growth of useful earning a lot of money that you can send to Finance new projects, but fall also has its positive side.
Курс биткоина совершил резкий разворот вниз
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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