The exchange rate of bitcoin is susceptible to manipulation by the speculators

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate began to fall, continuing the struggle for a mark of $ 10,000. Technically, the price of Bitcoin is firmly entrenched in the triangle formation which is nearing completion.
At the time of writing, the digital asset is 10264 dollar, losing 0.49% from opening. In recent weeks, buyers of bitcoin did not make any active attempts to trade apparently waiting for the price of the popular crypto-currencies will receive a boost.
Most altcoins top ten this morning showing a slight positive associated, as experts believe, with the message on that Telegram for the first time acknowledged the development of their cryptocurrency.
So the current rate of Bitcoin Cash has appreciated by 0.88% and reached the mark of 307 dollars, the price of Ripple rose by 0.61% and is at the level of 0.260 dollars, the cost of Ethereum grew by 0.37% and settled near the 181 dollar, and the rate Bitcoin Gold fell 0.83% and the current moment for one coin offer only 10.79 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today is 269 430 billion.
Курс биткоина подвержен манипуляциям спекулянтов

The head of the SEC: bitcoins could be subject to manipulation

SEC Chairman Jack Clayton on Monday said that those who have applied for a bitcoin ETF needs to work on this issue.
According to officials until today still remains the problem associated with the risk of manipulation by bitcoin exchange rate. This is a key factor in stopping the SEC at this stage.
In its latest statement, the Governor said:
“The difficult question remains, can we be sure that the price of bitcoin will not be subject to substantial manipulation if the trade will go mainly to unregulated trading venues. We all need to answer this question, to be sure that bitcoin stable asset”
In an interview with CNBC Clayton at the same time acknowledged that kriptonyte progress has been made in the direction of approve the bitcoin ETF, however, the risks remain significant.
Курс биткоина подвержен манипуляциям спекулянтов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group