The exchange rate of bitcoin is steadily growing, Germany has recognized bitcoin as means of payment

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin is growing steadily approaching the mark of $12 000. In recent days the price of the cryptocurrency has appreciated significantly on news from Germany stating that the bitcoin recognized as means of payment.
At the time of writing the major exchanges show the following values of value of bitcoin:
Bitstamp to $ 445 11 (+0.15%)
Bitfinex – $ 11 457 (+2.1%)
Coinbase – $ 11 439 (+2.24%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $189 641 billion.

The bitcoin exchange rate and news

Germany unexpected for the crypto community last week legalized bitcoin and cryptocurrency recognized means of payment.
Thus, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has officially started the walk in the country along with the us dollar and the Euro. In the future, according to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, the Ministry of Finance plans to adapt the tax legislation of the countries under the decision and to impose a tax on operations with bitcoin.
The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the world has led to the fact that authorities in many countries are forced to make decisions regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. China, for example, chose a more stringent policy, and is trying to take the market digital assets under the control of the bans in Japan and South Korea in February, a wave of inspections of cryptocurrency exchanges and large banks. Germany decided to go more loyal by legalizing bitcoin.
This news will have a strong support not only the exchange rate of bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency market, as many tokens on the market are closely connected with the most popular asset.
A little spoiled the positive message from the United States that the Commission on securities and exchange Commission has sent out subpoenas to companies that relate to the ICO and demanded disclosure of the sales structure carried out in the framework of supply tokens.
The international payment giant PayPal has filed an application in the patent and trademark office (USPTO) for registration of a technology to speed up the cryptocurrency payments.
The company offers a system that will allow the transmission of the transaction code directly from the buyer to the seller outside the system. The task of the new development to significantly reduce the time spent by users of the transaction during the transaction. The explanation from PayPal says:
“Systems and methods of the current opening, will eliminate the delay of obtaining information about the recipient making a payment corresponding to the payment amount. This operation will be signed by the private key of a recipient is used for the virtual crypto wallet”

Forecast bitcoin exchange rate

Курс биткоина уверенно растет, Германия признала биткоин платежным средством
The Bitcoin exchange rate continues its steady ascent to $12 000 on the wave of optimism coming from Germany. Buyers are intensified with the start of the new trading week pushing bitcoin to new levels.
Positive scenario
The price of bitcoin will continue to rise and will cross the key $12 000. In this case, the next goal for the course acts a new level in the neighborhood of $13 000. It is to be noted that after the first test important level bitcoin can technically skorrektirovat before continuing growth.
The negative scenario
The exchange rate of bitcoin to $12 000, turn down. In this case, the sellers will attempt revenge, and we can send the price of the cryptocurrency to $11 000 and further to the psychological level of $10 000. This scenario is likely, given the fact that the first attempt to overcome the level of $12 000 was not a success with buyers.
Most cryptocurrencies on the market also show a positive trend. Active growth shows ripple and Ethereum. At this moment, the situation on the market of cryptocurrencies is as follows:
Курс биткоина уверенно растет, Германия признала биткоин платежным средством
Total market capitalization is $428 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™