The exchange rate of bitcoin is ready to continue rapid peak

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Wednesday, 8 August, trading in bitcoins ended with a decrease by 6.51%. Sellers have broken trend line, which originates from 5743 (June 24). The drop stopped near the support 6065 (minimum of 12 July). The minimum is fixed at 6100.
The price of bitcoin returned to June levels and by all concerned with the question: to wait for us to fall below 6 thousand, or not? The future nobody knows, but the traces that leaves the market each day, indicate the preparation of the sellers to test a minimum of 5743 (June 24).
On the chart bitcoin/dollar superimposed pattern of the downward movement from 4 may to 29 June. The price is not exactly adhered to the pattern. This method of evaluation allows to predict the probability of graduation, a trend which is expected at the turn. According to this technique, the target area obtained in the area of the 5100/5200. The projection for the purpose of is the line from the lows and 6494 5743.
And you can change their plan?
Plan sellers to change. Need from the current level to rise above 6900 for 2-3 days. In this case, the trend line will have to spend through points and 5743 6100. After reaching the level of 6900, it is necessary to stand for 1.5 days in the outset, and go to 7008 (38% of the fall from 8487 6,100). To 23.08 with 7000 then back in the 6300-6500 area and bounce up. Then you can again aim at 9 thousand and now all is sad. Any attempt to expand the bitcoin exchange rate up, buyers fail.
Курс биткоина готов продолжить стремительное пике
Vladislav Antonov,