The exchange rate of bitcoin is rampant and goes up around $ 5,000

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin is unbridled seeks up and conquering new levels. In recent days the price of bitcoin has surpassed $ 5,000 and is trying to consolidate above it to continue growth in the future.
Optimism in the stock market is growing every day and most likely, the current situation has the right to become analogy 2017, when bitcoin was dispersed to the level of $ 20,000.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten as well try to keep up and add to the cost.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate strengthened Cash per day at 1.79%, the price of Ripple rose 1.66%, the cost of Ethereum gained 1.99%, a rate Bitcoin Gold has soared to 1.12% for one coin in the stock market offer little more than 16$.
Total market capitalization of BTC continues to rise and now stands at 89 058 billion.
Schedule of the course/bitcoin dollar turned sharply up, and all technical indicators point to strong growth of the cryptocurrency in the future.
Курс биткоина безудержно стремится вверх за отметку 5000 долларов Technically, the end of the week in the cryptocurrency market could brew a small correction, but in our opinion this will not prevent price of bitcoin to move forward. Especially if you look at the graph of BTC, the closest resistance level is around 5 to 600 dollars.
In the current situation, we recommend to wait for pullback to consider new support to enter the market and open new positions on a purchase.

The bitcoin exchange rate has pushed halving and the growth of BTC wallets

According to experts, the forecast rate of Bitcoin was implemented on a number of factors, one of which is pressure on the miners and the reduction of the reward for mining new coins. This is expected to happen in 2020.
A similar situation was observed just before the 2017 year and the beginning of the global bullish trend, and as practice shows, halving (reduction in the number of new bitcoins paid to miners) always leads to excitement.
Artificial appreciation of the value of the token on the background of constraints in combination with technical factors, led to another supporting bitcoin exchange rate – growth in market and growth of active bitcoin wallets.
Immediately after active growth of quotations perked up the participants of the bitcoin infrastructure, which has long kept free bitcoins at wallets in anticipation of a good time investment.
Today, this chance has been realized, and further increase in the number of cryptocurrency transactions will only increase.
We expect the week bitcoin will end in a positive way and strengthening prices will continue in the current month.
Курс биткоина безудержно стремится вверх за отметку 5000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™