The exchange rate of bitcoin is preparing to make a breakthrough

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin remains in the limelight a few these days participants of the stock market, and growing at 0.68%, remaining close to the key resistance of $ 4,000.
The Bitcoin price continues to move in a narrow range, awaiting the return of major players on the stock market from next week. Traditionally, financial activity in all financial markets in the first seven to ten days of the new year is stagnation, and bitcoin today is no exception.
However, most altcoins first echelon of today as a strong plus.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash rose by 1.13% and reached 162.34 dollar, the price of Ripple increased by 0.77% and rose to 0.3635 dollars, the cost of Ethereum has strengthened by 4.8% and is around 157 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold has increased by 0.15% for one coin offered 13.31 USD.
The total capitalization of the stock market at the moment is 121 062 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains in familiar neutral drift and does not change for the second week. This is not surprising, as the balance of power in the stock market does not change, but the big players are not in a hurry to make a big deal. However, the behavior of the BTC in our opinion this is another preparation for the rally. The current range for the next weekend 3500-4000 dollars remains in force.
Курс биткоина готовится совершить прорыв

Bitcoin exchange rate became the reason of braking of development of derivatives

In 2019, cryptologist expects the launch of new derivatives, which can significantly increase the influx of big investors in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
However, some of the existing assets, has acquired a negative reputation that raises the question of their further development. The main problem is liquidity and the risks that can be borne by the counterparty of the transaction. Due to the opaque nature of the derivatives they do, however, cause an increased interest of large investors and regulators.
Today there are a number of players in the market, such as Nasdaq or Goldman Sachs providing services to trade bitcoin derivatives and quite successfully. However, opponents of further development in this direction over time, not decreasing.
So one of the founders of Saxo Bank and Chairman of the Concordium Lars Christensen Sayer said that the introduction of new derivatives of bitcoin in 2019 will depend on its value.
He said:
“If the crypto market will remain in stagnation, the desire to launch new trading tools will decline. However, if, for example, the rate of bitcoin will rise sharply, this will lead to the emergence of new projects and initiatives, and review even those that are already under negotiation and awaiting the best time to run”
In light of the recent fall in the value of BTC has intensified as the main opponents of the development of crypto – controllers. For the first time his fear and the possibility of a ban, the bitcoin ETF made by the British Management on financial regulation and supervision (FCA).
In particular, the Executive Director of development and competition at the FCA, Christopher Woolard speaking at the meeting devoted to the regulation of cryptocurrency in
London said:
“We are concerned that private persons are difficult to predict, volatile and risky derivatives-based cryptocurrencies are not without problems market integrity. Given this, we propose to prohibit sales to retail consumers of the assets related to crypto, such as exchange tokens, including futures and options”
Experts believe that the risks associated with financial instruments, e.g. based on bitcoins, efficiently making them the perfect from the classic futures or options. And transactions made using them can not be considered as safe as accustomed investors.
The problem is indeed a close relationship between bitcoins and the attitude of the regulator towards development of new areas in trade. In our opinion, this was yet another reason for yet another postponement of the start of trading of the bitcoin ETF on Bakkt.
Курс биткоина готовится совершить прорыв
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™