The exchange rate of bitcoin is preparing for the arrival of new investors this fall

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Over the weekend, the cryptocurrency market showed a substantial rise – Bitcoin exchange rate successfully broke above the psychological level of $7000 per coin, currently trading at $7249, adding symbolic +of 7.77% for the week.
Ethereum for the week is also growing at +4,57%, reaching $290 per coin, XRP increased more modestly – by only +2.67% to $0.3371.
The biggest gain in a week +26,34% shows coin EOS, which is already more than $ 6 – $6,49.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies at the time of preparation of the review is $235 billion, the market added$18 billion over the past week, which is a serious sign of recovery.
The month of September for the cryptocurrency market is very saturated with events that may give new reason, and thereby increase market volatility and to give direction to the new trend, as from the month of may 2018 most of the time prices have held in the mode of flat or “sideways”.
The focus of investors will likely be focused on the decisions of the SEC regarding amendments to the rules that allows you to launch a new tool aimed at institutional investors – Bitcoin ETF. This is what we learn at the end of September, presumably by the 30th of the month.
In September several major events. So, today is the start of a three-day conference in London called “the Blockchain World Forum”, which will be held from 3 to 5 September, the main topic of which will be the primary host token-ICO, their rules and regulations are undergoing significant changes this year. A major conference will also be held in California (September 5-7) – Crypto Finance Conference, and in Moscow – International Blockchain Summit Moscow 2018 (25 September).
In September is expected to be hardforce – cryptocurrency Dogecoin (September 5), a fork of Bitcoin Interest (September 7), as well as hardwork Bitcoin (Anonymus Bitcoin will be created by implementation of the Protocol ZK-Snark) and ZClassic.
Also the holders of Bitcoin should remember the expiration dates of futures contracts on the CBOE and CME exchanges. Settlement day for bitcoin futures on the CBOE – 19 September, and on the stock exchange CME – September 28. In these days of possible sharp fluctuations in the BTC/USD, then may be followed by a market reversal in the opposite direction, due to the fact that asset holders record their old position, and then start typing a new one.
Thus, with the beginning of autumn and the end of the pores of the holiday season is to be prepared for the arrival on the market of new players, growth in the volume of trade of capital assets, growth of market capitalization. The absence of an important reason, observed during the summer period ends with the arrival of September.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”