The exchange rate of bitcoin is preparing for a global breakthrough above $ 4,000

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin over the last 24 hours remains virtually unchanged. Amid conflicting signals coming onto the market of cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin price fell by 0.18%, but still remains near the key level of $ 3,600.
The current market situation contributes to the consolidation of customers and preparation for the next surge. However, some cryptocurrency in the top ten are now showing multidirectional dynamics.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased by 0.11% and rose to $ 122, the price of Ripple added 0.1% and is close to a level of 0.306 dollars, the cost of Ethereum increased by 0.62% and rose to 123 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold has not changed, and for one coin on the crypto currency exchange offer of 10.44 USD.
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at the moment is 110 838 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains without significant changes. Quotes stopped near a key level of 3 600 dollars in anticipation of the new reasons for growth.
Курс биткоина готовится к глобальному прорыву выше 4000 долларов
The first target in case of consolidation is the level of the 3800 dollars, and if the price of BTC can go, open the way to the mark of 5 000. Such a scenario some experts consider most likely when it comes to the market with positive messages.

On the bitcoin exchange rate pressure contradictory rhetoric SEC

Despite all attempts of the regulator to solve the remaining problems to launch a bitcoin ETF, some officials see a threat in the official regulation of the cryptocurrency.
So says the Commissioner of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA Esther pierce. According to the official, over-regulation of kriptonyte at the level of governments, will lead to the development of blockchain technology.
She stated, speaking at the University of Missouri to future lawyers.
Earlier, pierce had already expressed his opinion in support of bitcoin and kriptonyte and believes that the regulator would be better to give a little “freedom” in the development of the blockchain, and not to take hasty decisions.
“In future, regulation will be necessary, but after we will see a more clear distinction in this matter, and the emergence of Mature projects. The lack of this today can give impetus to the development of technology and will expand the scope of use of the blockchain”
As support for the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had the words of the lawyer that it will ensure that the adopted laws have not harmed cryptoprocta and will not allow a situation like the one that happened to Basis.
We will remind that as a result of the complexity of the regulation of crypto and the lack of securities laws stablein this project was closed and will pay investors about $ 133 million.
Currently, many officials including those involved in regulation of the issue of kriptonyte finally began to realize that hinder the development of innovation.
Over the past year, the exchange rate of bitcoin have made an incredibly long somersault from the high reached in December of last year to current levels.
The number of investors interested in the development of blockchain technology declined by more than 60%, with the main legal questions and not closed.
And if the developers of the crypto community and still have some shifts in technical terms, with regard to the laws, everything remains as before.
The bureaucracy does not allow to make quick decisions which certainly harms not only the price of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but also the very existence of the technology.
We expect that in the coming days, the price of cryptocurrency will rise even higher and will make their first attempt of breaking mark 3 $ 800.
Курс биткоина готовится к глобальному прорыву выше 4000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™