The exchange rate of bitcoin is not ready to break the level of $ 4,000

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin over the last week repeatedly attempted to storm the mark of 4,000 dollars, but was not able to consolidate above, and at the end of the week remains near it.
Bitcoin price currently remains at a level of 3986 dollars and is losing about 0.5% from yesterday’s close of day.
Amazing is the fact that quotes, coming close to an important psychological level, stay a moment without the support and the bitcoin’s price is declining rapidly.
The external background to the current moment remains neutral, but technically, the course is popular cryptocurrency still not ready to go higher.
From the news it is necessary to highlight the message of the Central Bank of France, whose representatives have declared that do not plan to soon launch its own digital currency due to risks of destabilization of the economy.
Edition Forbs, quoting the expert on the blockchain and cryptocurrency PwC France Pauline Adam Califon, reports:
“The French regulator is not the best organization to promote this project as a digital currency, which lies in the regulation of the ECB. Noting this, the Bank of France could take the lead in this project, following the instructions of the European Central Bank. However, this project will be too complex in terms of economic and political consensus of all members of the European Union”
Note also that the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Mayor had previously been a staunch opponent of bitcoin, but last year changed his views and started to support cryptocurrency and the blockchain.
As against the issue of cryptocurrencies national banks (CBDC), made in Dublin General Manager, Bank for international settlements, Agustin Carstens.
In his opinion, the CBDC can greatly speed up the calculations between commercial banks and the Central Banks of the countries that destabilizie financial system. In addition, the difference in interest rates changes the demand for certain currency.
“This factor will increase the balance accounts of the Central Bank, and would require the building assets, changing the liquidity of financial markets”
The introduction of a national cryptocurrency is gaining discussion, as most Central Banks aware of the importance of the blockchain in the future, and the inevitability of the use of technology in the financial sector.
However, the associated risks and fears that the situation may get out of control regulators, officials stops and slows the development of crypto on a global scale.
Regarding bitcoin and its exchange rate, apparently, for the first persons it is rather a tool for observing and forming a strategy, which in future will be used in more ambitious projects.
In the current situation, the balance of opponents and supporters of the blockchain and bitcoin in particular remains virtually equal, and all attempts to speed up the integration process, unfortunately, meet with resistance.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains unchanged, but there is a risk of the failure of BTC prices below. Experts note that the forecast for growth in the future less likely, because technically, bitcoin found a comfortable price, and investors are not willing to risk shopping, because they do not believe in the possible breakthrough.
Курс биткоина не готов к прорыву отметки 4000 долларов
Although according to many analysts, a similar situation was observed in the period 2014-2017, but then the market has not yet formed and strongly depended on the speculators. Today prices are driven by fundamental events and expectations of large investors.
At the time of writing, the majority of top ten cryptocurrencies remain in the red.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash falls to 2.11%, the Ripple is cheaper by 1.2%, price reduced Ethereum 1.52%, and the rate of Bitcoin Gold is losing 0.39% at one coin on cryptomeria offer 12.97 dollars.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin at the time of this writing is 70 874 billion.
Coming week for the most popular cryptocurrencies can pass under pressure, as, given the pressure of sellers near the mark of $ 4,000, a chance to withdraw BTC from the range is getting smaller.
Курс биткоина не готов к прорыву отметки 4000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™