The exchange rate of bitcoin is losing 1.5% and fell below $ 3800

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin is slowly losing ground, finishing the last week of the year in a pessimistic mood.
As soon as the situation on global financial markets stabilized, investors began to withdraw from crypto-currencies, causing the price of Bitcoin losing 1.32% and is at around $ 3798. The last two days, rates of cryptocurrencies left alone with low liquidity, resumed the decline along with popular digital asset.
Tokens from the top ten as well demonstrate serious drawdown.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash lost 4.48% and is around 168 dollars, the price of Ripple fell to 3.37% and reached the level 0.3078 $ value Ethereum decreased by 4.19% and is now equal to 127 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold became cheaper by 3.95% and for one coin on the exchanges offer US $ 14.
Market capitalization of crypto-currencies is reduced, and at the time of this writing is 117 629 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains in negative dynamics.
Курс биткоина теряет 1.5% и опустился ниже 3800 долларов
Quotes most popular cryptocurrencies remain below the moving average, indicating that the low activity in the market, and the weakness of purchasing power.
Rather, in recent days, the price of bitcoin will remain so without substantial support and will continue to be traded in the range of 3500-4000 dollars.

Bitcoin exchange rate threatens UK banks

In the next report on the situation in the banking sector of Britain’s innovative technology sector, which includes cryptocurrency, has been named a “potential threat” to the major banks.
A report was provided by Marketforce LIVE which makes clear that the UK banking sector is seriously concerned about risks to traditional business models from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the digital industry.
According to published data, 81% of respondents believe that the quality of service is more important today than the “name” of a Bank or a company providing financial services.
The paradox lies in the fact that almost as many respondents (79%) believe that innovative projects are much more prospects and attractiveness of the brand above.
Among bankers surveyed, 46% see a significant risk in innovative projects for classical banking services.
Similarly 71% indicated that the modern banking system and banks are not keeping pace with consumer demands in terms of speed of exchange of information and convenience of the services of banks.
In addition, many failed to answer the main question what will happen to the banking sector after crypto-currencies become part of the international financial system.
We will remind that else in the beginning of 2018, a similar study showed the confidence of a large banking monopolies in the futility of popular coins and crypto sphere, and the absence of any threats to traditional business schemes from the current rate of bitcoin.
Today the situation has sharply changed in connection with the growing popularity of the blockchain technology and implement software products based on it. Apparently this will serve as a warning signal for regulators to continue to harmonize the crypto with financial institutions.
Курс биткоина теряет 1.5% и опустился ниже 3800 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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