The exchange rate of bitcoin is in no hurry upstairs, but experts expect a crypto currency over$ 10,000

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Last days has shown once again that the market is not in a hurry to escape upward. Bulls who bought bitcoin at $10k, nervously worried about the current situation, at the same time, continuing to convince himself, and all others of the correctness. They see bitcoin far beyond the $10k in the near future. The crowd suspects that this whole situation enjoyed watching the bears in the sweet languor rubbing their hands. They, and only they can say that not all so rosy. The market may continue convulsions in the neighborhood of $9150-9350, can even reach up to $9500-9600, but fall is almost inevitable. The bulls need is a miracle. And if now they only have sweaty palms, then soon they will wreck all the nails, because $4700 for bitcoin is not far off.
Holders of Ethereum too, has nothing to please. It would seem that $840 is not a limit and will soon have the coveted round number 1000. But this number may seem close, if you’re in the crowd and again did not see the whole picture of the market as a whole, as you can see its only 5%. And here, as in the case of bitcoin, they hid and quietly waiting below, clutching the stranglehold on price, not release it to the $350. Wedges are formed, the left a little bit to wait. Here the most important thing: to be in a team with 5%.
As for the news background, it is not so much and it is rather neutral. Although many bulls will not agree and will prefer to call it positive to last time to convince himself that he is right. Postponed earlier tocancel KodakCoin finally will begin may 21. This was announced by the company Wenn Digital, which is within the blockchain of the draft acts in the interests of Kodak.
Fear of what tokens can be recognized by the securities, the company will start selling SAFT agreements, the price of one contract will be $1. RIpple has published the first results of the projects with the token XRP. Using XRP and technology xRapid the results of the experiment show reduction of costs of companies up to 40% -70%, while the average transaction time was only a couple of minutes, which is nearly 1500 times compared to the length of time that we have now. And finally, the so-called “positive” news: Camat of Palihapitiya, a disciple of Warren Buffett, said that his teacher was wrong in relation to cryptocurrencies. They are, in his opinion, should replace the gold. But these are not the words of Buffett. So read the first 2 paragraphs and prepare.
Maxim Efremov
Executive Director,