The exchange rate of bitcoin is in no hurry to justify the experts about the collapse

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today continued uncertain growth and moving in an ascending channel to the next key level 4 $ 300.
At the moment the Bitcoin price remains in an upward channel and is trying to consolidate above the level of $ 4,000. The beginning of the year for the most popular cryptocurrency is held in a positive manner, but many experts still configured to collapse of the digital asset and the market as a whole token.
Most of the assets of the top ten showed multidirectional dynamics.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash falls to 0.83% , and is close to $ 160, the price of Ripple is strengthened by 0.38% and reached the level of 0.371 dollar, the value of Ethereum is consolidating in the range of 0.82% and rose in district 152 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold falls to 1.62% for the single coin on the exchanges offer 13.56 USD.
Chart bitcoin/dollar has not changed and still sends signals to increased purchases. However, the fears and predictions of the collapse of the cryptocurrency in 2019, forcing investors to be cautious and not to commit global transactions with BTC.
Курс биткоина не спешит оправдать прогнозы эксперта о крахе
In the current situation, the main struggle was for keeping the last important level was exceeded by the price the day before, and while the bulls do it.
The lower boundary of Ichimoku indicator was crossed and the output is inside him, talks about sustainable attempts by players to maintain a positive trend until the end of the month.

The exchange rate of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will collapse

This was stated the other day the Governor of the Bank of Estonia, Ardo Hanson, speaking at a conference on the five-year term of the Euro in the country, and I believe that BTC and cryptocurrencies will disappear as nonsense.
In his opinion, a “bubble” which was spoken of by many analysts, has burst, and the decline will continue as long as the rate of bitcoin will reach its parity.
All that remains of its former popularity BTC’s rapid growth and huge number of millionaires after the exit from the market and the sale of tokens.
However, now the time has come understanding what happened and those who earlier believed that this token has no future, every time the “storm” on the cryptocurrency market resume critique.
“I think that just a few years later, returning to the discussion of this topic, we say we could lose too much, believing in the tale of bitcoin”
Recall that in a period of rapid growth in the value of BTC, Hanson compared the euphoria with crypto currencies with Tulip fever in the 17th century.
But even then, the expert warned that because of the small volume of transactions the bubble called cryptocurrency does not threaten financial stability.
“The volume of transactions with bitcoin and digital assets are too small but if they increase, and with them the lending banks for the purchase of tokens, it will be risky. Now, this is the only problem of investors and consumers, which is expressed in fast earnings or bankruptcy”
However, through analysis of the current situation, should take into account the integration of the blockchain in banking and government agencies. Previously it was really possible to speak only about the actual value of bitcoin is not backed by anything other than speculation.
Today the situation has changed and the proliferation of projects based on new technologies are also taken into account in the current exchange rate of bitcoin. So, in their projections, the speakers should be noted this factor and not really rely on the history of past UPS and downs of the coin, as the stock market today the most dynamic in the world.
Курс биткоина не спешит оправдать прогнозы эксперта о крахе
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™