The exchange rate of bitcoin is growing, the collapse of cryptocurrency is delayed

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate continues its uncertain recovery amid thin pre-Christmas market, and today has gained 2.76%, closer to around 3900 dollars.
Despite half-hearted attempts of growth, the Bitcoin price remains in a narrow range, and fewer shows player activity.
Before the new year remains very little, and many investors have already left the cryptocurrency market, leaving most popular cryptocurrency alone with their problems and record low set in recent months.
Most of the tokens of the top ten are also in positive territory.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash grows to around 163 dollars, becoming stronger with 0.45%, the price of Ripple has risen to the level 0.3743 dollar and added 1.68%, the cost of Ethereum reached 140.99 $ and up 2.99%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold added 0.49%, and one coin on cryptomeria offer 14.19 USD.
The total capitalization of the stock market at the moment, widened a bit to 121 398 billion and most likely will finish the year above the key goals of $100,000 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar moves in neutral, with the latest drop in the price of the digital asset has not prevented the buyers to equalize the balance of power and to wait.
Most likely, in the current situation, many participants of the stock market will not take serious decisions, as expected an important shift in cryptosphere at the end of January.
Курс биткоина растет, крах криптовалюты откладывается
In addition, the pressure on the activity of players will have a long lasting new year holidays the financial markets, increasing the risk of “foul play” large holders of BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
Technical indicators moving average and Ichimoku indicate neutral parity and the absence of any attempts to shift the balance of power in any of the parties.
The current range for the price of bitcoin remains under 3 500- 4 200 dollars and will remain so until the end of the year.

The exchange rate of bitcoin: BTC named the worst investment of the year

The current year for the cryptocurrency market have been the most unfortunate and hopeless for long-term investments. After the price of bitcoin has reached its historical maximum in $ 20,000, the cryptocurrency fell by more than 85% in just 12 months.
Many experts attribute the market behavior with immaturity and unpreparedness of the global financial system to abandon traditional technologies in the business.
However, if we consider the rate of BTC solely as an investment, get rid of all the technical and ideological issues that this tool has not justified the hopes of those who still in the beginning of 2017 was ready actively to invest millions of dollars.
So a network of accounting and consulting FinExpertiza, called the popular digital asset less profitable investment.
The study was conducted at the request of the “Russian newspaper” among 14 financial instruments, including precious metals, as most traditional investments among the major players in periods of economic instability.
As it turned out, the bitcoin’s price was below the gold and silver, and, if we consider the graphs of these assets, the current year was not very successful, lowering their price of 15.37% and 15.91%, respectively.
Hope that Bitcoin will become “digital gold” collapsed as soon as his supporters and defenders, a strong volatility and the inability to clear the long-term forecast, as is possible with gold or platinum. The word last in the rankings, was the most lucrative asset lost only 15.16% for the year.
Popular cryptocurrency still remains at the heart of discussions of rumors and speculation, which prevents the bitcoin exchange rate to move based solely on fundamental factors.
However, even now, when the fall digital asset sent him to the leaders of the rating of profitability, there are those who are waiting for “miracle” and its former highs.
We will remind that the General Director of ICE and the Chairman of the new York stock exchange (NYSE) Jeff Sprecher recently told CNBC that he believes in the development and expansion of the cryptocurrency market, despite a record drop in 2018.
“The survival of cryptocurrency and bitcoin? Clearly, as operators kryptomere do not build their opinions solely on their price”
We know as well that his wife Kelly Loeffler oversees trading platform Bakkt, which is expected to start trading bitcoin ETF after January 24, if the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) will take a positive decision.
In any event, bitcoin is in the spotlight of the financial officials and the media, it will continue to exist, especially considering more than 90 attempts of opponents to bury him this year, calling “bubble bursting” and useless asset.
Курс биткоина растет, крах криптовалюты откладывается
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™