The exchange rate of bitcoin is growing steadily toward a new goal $ 6000

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate persistently making headway to new highs, and over the past few days, moving steadily to a new key marker of $ 6,000.
At the time of this writing the Bitcoin price has appreciated by 0.29% and came close to a new milestone, being at the level of 6050 $ per coin.
Despite the confidence of the buyers, the resistance may be too strong that will return the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency at some time in the district 5500-5600 dollars.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten remain on the rise.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash remains at the previously achieved level 294 of the dollar, the Ripple has appreciated by 1.44%, Ethereum went up to 176 USD and increased by 7%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold strengthened to 1.44%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer nearly $ 20.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is 101 823 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar up sharply directed and demonstrates a strong bullish trend that, in the next few days, will only increase.
Курс биткоина уверенно растет к новой цели 6000 долларов
Technical indicators also are signaling in favor of the price increase of bitcoin and maintain the confidence of customers in opening new positions at the purchase.
Moving average and the other two lines of Ishimoku indicator are the intermediate support for the quotations of BTC from which participants of the stock market increase amount positions.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is attracting institutional investors

One of the largest companies in the world asset management Fidelity Investments released the results of new research strategies in bitcoin and other digital assets used by institutional investors.
The report says that in recent years, interest in crypto, on the part of institutions has grown considerably, and the loyalty of institutional investors to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increased. This is despite the fact that one of the main reasons that are often voiced by the big players, is unstable and unpredictable course of popular assets.
“Institutional investors are overwhelmingly positive about the attractiveness of scriptaction, considering them as an investment. Seven out of ten respondents were able to articulate the reasons why I believe that cryptocurrencies are interesting”
Among the respondents, 47% reported that crypto-currencies are a tool of innovative technologies, and 46% consider the tokens as instruments with low correlation with other traditional assets.
Similarly, 27% of respondents see high growth potential of bitcoins in the future, and 25% reported decentralization as a major advantage of cryptocurrencies.
“About 22% of respondents already have or have had previously some experience with digital assets, with the bulk of investments were made in the last three years. And some are willing to invest over the next five years”
However, it should also be noted that in addition to the positive qualities and confidence in the future of cryptocurrency, many pointed out the obstacles to further investment.
Chief among them was named the high volatility of bitcoins and other coins, the lack of regulation and historical experience.
In any case, a study by Fidelity Investments indicates the fact that institutional investors have long been present on the cryptocurrency market as bitcoin and other assets as alternatives to traditional investment instruments.
Курс биткоина уверенно растет к новой цели 6000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™