The exchange rate of bitcoin is growing, but the day will end with a fall

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Stock Markets Group – Today’s bitcoin exchange rate began the day with growth, confirming the trend started earlier. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has risen by 5%, breaking the mark of 11 000$.
Recall that two days earlier, bitcoin remained under pressure last message from China about the intention of the authorities to tighten measures to control Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
At 14:00 GMT the main cryptocurrency exchanges show the following values:
Bitstamp – $ 10 of 909 (+0.29%)
Bitfinex – $ 10 915 (+2.1%)
Coinbase – $ 10 of 918 (+0.31%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $185 551 billion.

The rate of bitcoin will cost 20 thousand by the middle of 2018

Tom Lee, a well-known analyst on wall street in its next report confirmed that by mid-year, the rate of bitcoin will reach $ 20,000.
Despite the fact that now, the cryptocurrency is experiencing difficulties with growth and is 50% below the expected forecast, Lee believes that the value of an asset will reach peak level, and may even exceed it.
The same analyst suggested that Facebook and Amazon this year, will begin to consider the bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency of the future component of the strategy.
Recall that Tom Lee is the most famous expert who believes in the future of cryptocurrency market.
Earlier in the year 2017 he made a forecast that the exchange rate of bitcoin to the end of the year will be at the level of 6 000$, however, later agreed that underestimated the potential of the cryptocurrency, which has grown more than three times as much.
While regulators in many countries are developing rules for the control of the cryptocurrency market, banks are “sounding the alarm” about the threat of further development of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that can make a serious competition to the banking sector.
Such recognition on the part of the monopolies in our opinion will only reinforce the demand for cryptocurrency and the growth of bitcoin in the future.
Current day cryptocurrency can complete the drop because of reports that the US intend to intensify the struggle with the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™