The exchange rate of bitcoin is growing again and the positive dynamics will remain – an expert forecast

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world began the day by strengthening. Investors resumed their buying and helped the price to develop a growth above $10 500.
At the moment the major exchanges show the following values of value of bitcoin:
Bitstamp – $10 800 (+4.48%)
Bitfinex – $ 794 10 (+2.3%)
Coinbase – $10 780 (+4.42%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $182 974 billion.

Bitcoin and news

From fraud to competition. General Director of the Bank J. P. Morgan Jeremy Damon in 2017, in one of their statements called bitcoin a “Scam”.
At that time, the stock market has grown rapidly, and the bitcoin exchange rate reached a maximum value of 20 000$. Few of the experts could then imagine that such statements were caused by serious concerns, and not the risks associated with dishonest schemes of enrichment.
On February 27 in its regular report sent to Bank customers, bitcoin and Ethereum was first called risk factors for business and a new form of competition that bothers the user and can lead to loss of income.
“Payment services and transfer system may face serious competition from digital technologies such as cryptocurrencies do not require intermediaries in making payments”
Previously, many Bank CEOS spoke with criticism of bitcoin, which is partly made his popularity even more, instead of stopping the development of cryptocurrency.
But today such statements indicate that the banking sector is really afraid of losing their monopoly on operations with non-cash money.
US regulators authorized employees of the operations with bitcoin. СFTC allows employees to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with the condition that the latter shall not use insider information to manipulate the market.
The amendment was included in the regulation on trade after to the address of the regulator has received large number of queries about this possibility.
Many experts such a controversial decision surprised and even perplexed.
Bitcoin today is not recognized as the investment vehicle of the first echelon, however, and other assets. However, this message gives a positive signal to investors that it could happen very soon.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина снова растет, позитивная динамика сохранится - прогноз эксперта
In recent days, bitcoins have taken the direction of the growth. Now the price came close to $11 000 and ran into resistance, which is the lower limit of the Ichimoku cloud.
The market situation is favorable for Bitcoin in the near future the growth of cryptocurrencies will continue.
Positive scenario
Bitcoin will overcome the current resistance, and the course will continue the movement in the Ichimoku cloud. Next mark where cryptocurrency will experience growing pains, will be the level of $12 000.
A positive signal for buyers will be securing the value of an asset above the level of $11 000.
The negative scenario
The bitcoin exchange rate can not go above current levels and will return to decrease. In this case, $10 000 remains the main obstacle for the “bears”. Further, in the case of overcoming this support is $8 000.
Judging from the situation, should be seen as a variant of the movement of prices in the range $11 500-$10 000. If in the coming days the dynamics of the cryptocurrency will not change, this development is also possible.

Courses cryptocurrency today

Currently most altcoins remain in positive territory and continue to strengthen.
Курс биткоина снова растет, позитивная динамика сохранится - прогноз эксперта
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies now stands at $412 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™