The exchange rate of bitcoin grows with new force, what will happen with cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate, after a rapid recent breakout of the key level of $ 4,000, which remained inaccessible for about three months back again, although held a little higher.
Bitcoin’s price once again tested this level, however was unable to confidently gain a foothold is much higher. This is the fourth attempt buyers a few months to continue growth, but this time she was unsuccessful.
Experts forecast a new wave of global growth most popular cryptocurrency is still not implemented. Some analysts say the downturn in the cryptocurrency market major players.
So, for example, the company Skew Markets conducted the research, and its analysts believe that the probability that the exchange rate of bitcoin can exceed $ 10,000, is only 4.6%.
With regard to the possible failure of prices below current quotations, here too, the probability is very low.
The fact is that the current levels for the most popular cryptocurrencies today are the most comfortable that determines its movement in the short term in the range of 3500-4000 dollars.
Analyst and expert in the area of projections of cryptocurrency Kevin cook notes that this month the transaction volume of BTC is on the rise for the last five months, increased by 150%.
Thus, today we cannot say that bitcoin loses Aldona or losing popularity.
In front of his dominance in the cryptocurrency market accounts for almost 51% that allows bitcoin to remain the center of attention of potential investors.
Given the prolonged bearish trend, it is difficult to believe that the Bitcoin exchange rate is able to rise to a peak in 2017, but some experts still do not believe in its growth.
So recently a well-known supporter of the BTC Whether, suggested that a fair price for the popular digital asset needs to be marked between 15,000 and 20,000.
Tim Draper, a well-known kryptopterus also confirmed its forecast for the cryptocurrency and expects its cost by 2022 at the level of $ 250,000.
“The world economy today, the turnover is 86 trillion in different currencies. Only 5% of the global market push the price of bitcoin to around $ 250,000, and all we have to do is give the opportunity to buy coffee at Starbucks for BTC”
The cost of the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment is around 4023 dollar, adding 0.89%.
Other cryptocurrency in the top ten demonstrated multidirectional movement.
Курс биткоина растет с новой силой, что будет с криптовалютой
So the Bitcoin exchange rate on Cash falls 0.27%, the Ripple price going up by 0.03%, the cost of Ethereum strengthened by 0.46%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold fell by 0.46%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer only 13.18 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has grown a little bit and is at the moment of writing of article 71 of 296 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar crossed the key resistance and the BTC price is trying to consolidate above. If in the coming days, the buyers manage to hold this level, growth will continue.
The balance of power on the cryptocurrency market has shifted to positive, as technical indicators point to a strengthening market in the short term.
Курс биткоина растет с новой силой, что будет с криптовалютой
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™