The exchange rate of bitcoin for a million in 20 years may become a reality

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin is a little passed the position, and for the last day fell by 4.85% to reach 11 534 USD.
The recent positive for the cryptocurrency market has caused maximum investor activity and growth in the volume of purchases, however, technically, the rate of Bitcoin has matured to a correction in line with our previous forecast.
Other cryptocurrencies as well remain deep in the red. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash declined by 12% and now stands at 346 dollars, the price of Ripple fell 9% to 0.3314 dollars, the cost of Ethereum lost 6% and is close to 272 USD and Bitcoin exchange rate of Gold is reduced by 3.85% and for one coin on the crypto currency exchange offer $ 27.
Capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is 204 762 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar shows a global increase in the most popular cryptocurrencies, despite a temporary decline.
The nearest point to which the sellers will try to lower the price, is around $ 11 000. However, the failure rate of bitcoin below you will meet strong resistance from the bulls.
Курс биткоина за миллион через 20 лет может стать реальностью

The rate of bitcoin will rise to $ 1 million

This was on CNBC in an interview said the Director of the Social Capital, Hamat of Palihapitiya. According to the expert bitcoin today the best insurance from the traditional financial system.
Now is the time to just buy bitcoins and wait:
“It doesn’t matter whether you support fiscal or monetary policy or not, bitcoin is an insurance policy under the mattress”
He also added that in 2013, together with friends from Silicon valley owned almost 5% of all tokens in circulation and believes that the rate of bitcoin will rise at least to 1 million dollars in 20 years.
In his opinion, these assumptions are based on what the current value of bitcoin has increased by 200%, despite the previous failure of the cryptocurrency 70% in 2018.
As more and more analysts have noted that the previous record of bitcoin in the $ 20,000 to be broken before the end of 2019. As for the current drop of BTC, it is entered in the correction that the next leap will target the price around 13 $ 500.
Курс биткоина за миллион через 20 лет может стать реальностью
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group