The exchange rate of bitcoin expecting a break above $ 6,000

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin continues to struggle around $ 6,000 and in the last 24 hours adds 1.1%, having to revert to the mark 5885 USD.
The current situation in the cryptocurrency market remains positive as for the main cryptocurrency and other popular assets. So the Bitcoin exchange rate strengthened Cash position at 0.83%, the price of Ripple is added to the asset of 0.73%, the cost of Ethereum grew by 1.23%, while the rate of Bitcoin opposite Gold fell by 0.57% after record gains yesterday, and for one coin on the crypto currency exchange offer 19.41 dollar.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is 104 398 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar confidently looks up, showing growth of volume of transactions and activity “bulls” on the market.
In recent days the Bitcoin price attempted to breakout of the key level, but it was unsuccessful. However, buyers managed to hold the levels and most likely in the coming days another attempt crossing vozobnovitsya.
Курс биткоина ожидает прорыв выше 6 000 долларов

The rate of bitcoin has not suffered from cracking Binance

One of the largest kryptomere in the world is once again faced with the problems of security on 7 may, which was blocked by her work.
According to the bitcoin platform was faced with hacker attack in which the attackers used phishing programs and viruses to access the API keys and 2FA codes.
As well as reported as a result of hacking hackers have been able to bring 7000 bitcoins worth more than $ 40 million.
In turn, the General Director of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao said that bitcoins were stolen from the hot wallet, which made up only 2% of their total number. Other wallets of clients were not injured in the attack.
While the crypto currency exchange will carry out the verification of bitcoin transactions and other cryptocurrencies will be temporarily suspended.
In the final message of the company’s management stated:
“We ask our customers to be sensitive to this situation because the hackers still have control of certain accounts of our users, and use them to influence the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are closely monitoring the situation, but we believe that if you disable the operations with cryptocurrencies, they have no incentive to affect prices”
As it is noted that costs as a result of hacking will be conducted from safety Foundation (SAUF), which was created in 2018 as a source of risk insurance against such incidents.
This news has not yet had a significant impact on the bitcoin exchange rate and is unlikely to change the balance of forces among market participants in the coming days.
Курс биткоина ожидает прорыв выше 6 000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™