The exchange rate of bitcoin drops under the pressure of external background and rumors, investors sell cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today on April 22 as we expected, the resistance at the level of $9 000, turned down. Buyers not have enough capacity to ensure further growth of cryptocurrencies, due to weak support from the external background. Thus, the price of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies remain under pressure.
19:10 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 8 594 (-3.30%)
Bitfinex – $ 8 595 (-5.6%)
Coinbase – $ 8 600 (-5.7%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $146 212 billion.

The rate of bitcoin has crashed message about the blockage of the Binance

Despite the possible prohibition of advertising ICO, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sees a promising future digital assets.
In an interview with The Times, the famous bitcoin investor said that he believes that cryptocurrency will take a leading position in the global financial system, and will be payment currency in the next 10 years.
“In the end, the world will be the single currency, and I personally believe it will be bitcoin”
He also acknowledges that the exchange rate of bitcoin remains unstable due to scaling problems, making it costly and slow tool, however, does not think that these problems will be solved in the near future.
“As more and more people in the world use bitcoin, the network is experiencing technical problems. However, there are new solutions which will make the cryptocurrency more accessible”
Thus, investors confirmed their investment in digital asset and expectations associated with growth rate and reducing the cost of the transaction network blockchain.
The office for foreign assets control of the U.S. warned that in the future may impose sanctions on the bitcoin wallets of the citizens and are forbidden. the Only problem with these crypto wallets is the difficulty of alerting all related organizations of that individual purse is prohibited.
Characteristically, such reports coincide with a recent statement by the head of the U.S. Treasury Stephen Mnuchin, who has promised that he will convert the bitcoin the new Swiss Bank to bypass sanctions.
These warnings are not random, as the OFAC decision is a warning to countries such as Venezuela and Russia, who have repeatedly stated that the use of national cryptocurrencies – a good tool bypass sanctions. Apparently the emergence of cryptocurrencies Petro and successful implementation of the government investment, forces us to act, OFAC proactive.
In the network there were reports that the financial services Agency of Japan has warned the exchange Binance that to continue, the marketplace must obtain a license. Information about this was published by the Agency Nikkei, with the result that many market participants started to rush to close out positions and sell bitcoin and other digital assets.
Later, from statements by representatives of the Binance it became known that the exchange had not received any requirements from the regulator. However, at this point, the bitcoin exchange rate has decreased by 500 dollars and continues to lose value.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина падает под давлением внешнего фона и слухов, инвесторы продают криптовалюты
Currently, the bitcoin exchange rate continues to decline under the pressure of rumors about the blockage of the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and sanctions by OFAC in respect of special categories of citizens.
In order that the situation got out of control customers, it took quite a bit and this once again confirms the volatility of bitcoin after the last sharp fall in February.
Positive scenario
In the near future to start from the current levels the exchange rate of bitcoin is unlikely. In the present situation to the resumption of growth, bitcoin will need to first drop to $8000, and only after the buyers will be able to take another attempt to deploy the price up. The asset is stuck in a range and as we expected, it will remain in this comfort zone for a long time.
The negative scenario
Most likely today is the fall of exchange rate of bitcoin is around $8 000, because the pressure on the cryptocurrency market continues from regulators and the media about new hacks and instability of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
In these conditions, the price of Bitcoin will not be able to recover, and the next target is $7 000.
The Outlook for bitcoin does not involve the digital drop coins below this level, because the previous test has shown that buyers are not willing to let go of the situation on the market below.
Courses cryptocurrency market have difficulties in growth. At the time of writing, the ripple losses amount to 6%, and the Ethereum lost 5.59%. The situation on the market of digital coins are similar to the new panic, and in the next few hours they can grow.
Курс биткоина падает под давлением внешнего фона и слухов, инвесторы продают криптовалюты
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™