The exchange rate of bitcoin drops in power a future of uncertainty

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin continues to fall, reflecting recent negative reports on the market about which we wrote earlier.
So at the time of writing this article the price of Bitcoin is losing 0.63% and has fallen to the level of 3812 dollars. After a week of active purchases, market participants gave up and recorded the transaction near the level of $ 4,000. The question of the fate of bitcoin after the holidays to stay open and to remain in crypto-currencies is too risky.
Its role, of course, plays and General negativity in the financial markets, which are unlikely to disappear by the beginning of 2019. The most popular token lost the previous growth and are now traded in different directions.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash growing at 0.75% and rose to 172 dollars, the value of the Ripple drops to 2.55% and reached the level 0.3776 dollars, the price of Ethereum falls to 0.17% and is at around $ 130, and Gold Bitcoin exchange rate grows at 0.62%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer of $ 14.49.
Market capitalization of crypto-currencies is falling and at the time of this writing is 117 973 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar continues to paint a bearish candle and point to the falling demand for the cryptocurrency market.
Курс биткоина падает во власти будущей неопределенности
The price crossed the moving average and heading for a new support around $ 3700. The current situation is again changed to negative, and threatens the development of a new wave of sales and falling to annual lows.

The exchange rate of bitcoin losing ground under the pressure of fears

Earlier, we talked about the fact that the main reason why the bitcoin exchange rate began to fall were the rumors about a possible postponement of the date of the decision by the CFTC on bitcoin-futures Bakkt.
Also investors are concerned about the reduction of kryptonyte and reports of the closure of major mining projects and reductions in staff in connection with the recent fall in the value of digital assets.
As you know, in recent years, many experts expect the collapse of bitcoin and drop its price even lower and even depreciation.
One of these is the co-founder of Bitcoin Cash from Canada Calvin Eyre, who said recently that the cost of bitcoin will fall to zero, since the coin is of no value in contrast to the blockchain technology.
Until the end of the year remains very little time, but do not forget that cryptocurrencies, nothing is impossible, the prices can how much rise or drop suddenly without particular reason.
Курс биткоина падает во власти будущей неопределенности
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™