The exchange rate of bitcoin drops below $ 3400, cryptocurrency in the verge of collapse

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The reference cryptocurrency falls below $3400 with the growth of the trade volumes, which often is a sign of increased interest in sales and can send the bitcoins to the annual lows.
Key altcoins and the stock market as a whole follow the leader in its decline. More and more experts agree that what is happening in the moment much like a repeat of the summer lull, after which began the next phase of a large-scale correction value of Bitcoin. In case of continued sales pressure and a rise in trade volumes, the next target of bears seen in the area of $2000.
The situation on the stock market is becoming more favorable for the entrance of those investors who missed the point in 2017. For example, now one coin zcash for (ZEC) is $48, versus $876 in early 2018. The price is Ethereum (ETH) and do it falling under $100, against a peak of $1400 a year earlier.
It is likely that rates of digital assets will become more “pleasant” to enter, but you need to understand that historical highs were made possible because of the extraordinary revaluation of cryptocurrencies, and the future growth for the fundamentals can be much more modest.
In addition to record the declining value of bitcoins and other assets, it should be noted that the network is one of the main in the past mynarski coins, ZEC, still the record demonstrates the complexity of the production. During the year it increased by 670% due to the emergence of ASIC devices for mining. However, the level of difficulty is preserved, because the miners did not turn off newly purchased equipment, in the hope growth of the asset.
On the other hand, traders should remember that the darker mood and the more sales, the higher the potential and the best moment to enter the market. Of course, if you do not doubt the viability of this sector. Crypto enthusiasts claim that faith while not lost completely.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,