The exchange rate of bitcoin can reach $8000 by next week

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Cryptocurrency market is headed Bitcoin continues its growth. Largely to help market the positive news that the American crypto-exchange Coinbase received permission from the regulators SEC and FINRA for listing investment tokens.
Now the exchange will be able to add to its list of traded assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Classic and even tokens, which the SEC considers to be securities.
Besides, Coinbase will be able to provide the services of a broker-dealer, registered investment adviser and ATS. The announcement is important for the market, as the influx of investment in the crypto-sphere right now is largely restrained because of uncertainty management issues, respectively, of favorable decision of the SEC gives a green light to many market participants, which in the future will ensure the growth of market capitalization.
The assumption made in the previous review on the early growth of Bitcoin in the background of the beginning of a set of positions on the major players, as evidenced by data from the CFTC was correct.
Bitcoin reached $6730, and this is a very important level, which is twice in the last month tested price. Paying attention to the nature of the movement, the increasing extremes, the growth to buy, as well as defining the overall technical picture, we can conclude that further growth and breakout of the current resistance is very likely.
Also attracts attention the fact that on the daily timeframe the price is clearly shaped figure of the “Inverted head and shoulders” (on the possibility of its formation I wrote in the previous review), this model is the reversal, in case of successful testing we will be able to see the $7500-8000 for 1 BTC in the coming weeks.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”