The exchange rate of bitcoin can not determine the direction

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The main cryptocurrency in the environment grow in value amid news about the planned opening of a branch of Coinbase in Japan, and on a positive assessment of bitcoin one of the founders of Apple. It can be expected that the growth of the stock market during the day will continue and bitcoin will go to around $ 7,700.
According Libertex, 11.40 bitcoin exchange rate strengthened during the day by 2.47% to 7610 dollars in capitalization in 129.9 billion dollars. The rate of Litecoin has increased by that time by 3.32% to 121.3 dollars in the capitalization of 6.9 billion dollars. Euthereum at that increased price to 12.00 2.82% to 604,5 dollar, its market capitalization is 60.4 billion us dollars. The Ripple rate strengthened during the day by 2.99%, to 0.67 at dollar capitalization of 26.4 billion dollars. Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies by this time reached 343,5 billion.
Positive for the stock market was the news that the us crypto currency exchange Coinbase is planning to open its branch in Japan. In addition, one of the founders of Apple Steve Wozniak said that would like to bitcoin has become a single global digital currency.
During the day you can expect the stock market will continue to grow, reflecting this positive news. Litecoin may strengthen to $ 125, Euthereum will move at 605 dollars, and the Ripple will go to the level of 0.7 in the dollar.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club