The exchange rate of bitcoin at the April lows, the panic of the crypto community is enhanced

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today, June 13, set a new record and surpassed the key mark of 6 800$ which was kind of hoping the buyers yesterday.
Price of Bitcoin remains under pressure of the events of recent days, and reached a new minimum of 6$ 500, which was previously recorded on 6 April 2018.
Other cryptocurrencies froze waiting for new signals from the host digital asset. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash fell by 0.51% and is at a level of 866$ 891 capitalization of 14 billion dollars. The Ripple rate decreased by 1.16% and reached 0.55$ at market capitalization 21 799 billion. Ethereum went down by 1.6% and reached 486$ in market capitalization 49 068 billion.
By 13:25 Moscow time., the main cryptocurrency platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 534 6 (-0.46%)
Bitfinex – $ 6 521 (-4.8%)
Coinbase – $ 6 523 (-4.5%)
The Bitcoin market capitalization currently is $112 523 billion Total capitalization of the stock market 241 479 billion.

The rate of bitcoin has received a powerful catalyst for the “down-trend”

Given the situation, recent causes, after which bitcoin began its global decline, was merely a pretext for hesitant players to get rid of it.
The latter plays the summer lull and lack of activity of the crypto community as a whole.
The focus today was another investigation of the Japanese police associated with the case of illegal mining cryptocurrency Monero using the service Coinhive.
Investigators suspect that mining digital coins were used for virus that used the resources of users ‘ computers without their consent.
In the message also it is noted that the fraud created the Internet page, after which, the virus got on our computers and smartphones and has launched a program of mining.
The EU wants to know more about bitcoin and the blockchain. This was reported in Twitter account Blockchain EU, the organization created by the European Commission for the study of technology.
Also says that on June 18 forum will be held:
“Please accept our upcoming agenda and ask your questions related to technology on 18 June”
We will remind that earlier the head of the ECB Mario Draghi held a conference which addressed issues related to bitcoin and bloccano.

Taxes and bitcoin will coexist

In recent years, many countries are actively discussing the change in tax rules in connection with the advent of the cryptocurrency market.
Authorities in many countries have long turned their attention to the profitability of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the top ten.
This forces officials to seek the opportunity to obtain additional funds in the budget. Now, however, in those countries where bitcoin is “outside the law” is not possible.
Experts say risk to the bitcoins associated with that additional tax burden on the digital currency can cause the narrowing of the corridor of profitability and the associated interest from major players.
Now, many miners and traders are trying to work in those regions where the attitude towards loyal bitcoin and the taxes and fees that have to pay a small.
Worst of all, analysts say is that the energy consumption for the production of the most popular cryptocurrencies grow and taxes will make the profitability of the service transaction, and therefore, mining bitcoin is not profitable.
This is another risk today is to think about those who are still counting on the rapid growth of exchange rate of bitcoin in the near future.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина на апрельских минимумах, паника криптосообщества усиливается
Cryptocurrency continues to move within our forecast. The asset price has overcome important support level of 6 800$ and recorded a new low at around $ 6.5 thousand.
The following mark, which is bitcoin exchange rate will move within the current drop is in the region of 6 000$. This is the last low, lying within the current year, then the expected acceleration of sales.
Курс биткоина на апрельских минимумах, паника криптосообщества усиливается
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™