The exchange rate of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market is preparing for a new leap

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News background the beginning of may allows the bears to keep open “the gates of the pens for each incident, a little, though, trailing a herd of bulls”.
Here the Central Bank of South Korea with his willingness to use cryptocurrency and blockchain for the “Cashless society” and the Hong Kong authorities with the definition of low-risk, cryptocurrency, etc.
Since the sale of 25 April from two anonymous wallets 13 thousand bitcoins to quickly “closed the trap” on 9500 were added also “deployed traps” and 9430 9360, and, thus, to “prevent further accidents” getting buyers in the trap you can hang signs “Verbotzone”, “Forbidden zone”. Not visible “naked eye” rising wedge able to “squeeze all the juice” before the “reset into the abyss.”
4-hour bullish candle 750 points from the 28th of April with a maximum of 9500 and a minimum of 8750 is very critical: great lengths of the shadows made her alert about the imminent significant price movement, and the graph of bitcoin exchange rate after it is divided into what is above its open – 9130, and that below this price. Exceeding the maximum result passed, now it is a minimum below 8750…
“Verbotzone” Ethereum is above 700, up here, probably due to the constant “suitcase mood” of the coin.
In recent days the market capitalization decreased by 1.8%, present average trading volume, overall activity is small, the most liquid instruments does not have any drivers, and the dynamics of their movement is determined by the relatively sluggish dynamics of the market.
“Ruhe vor dem Sturm?” “The calm before the storm?” The denouement may come today.
Alexey Fedorenko,
Asset Manager