The exchange rate of bitcoin: an Expert has predicted a crypto-winter for another two years

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin for today is a little stronger, but still remains in a downtrend, approaching an important mark of $ 3,200.
At the time of writing this article the price of Bitcoin gaining 0.24% and is close to the level of the 3440 dollars. Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten moved in the day mixed.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash lost 1.46% and dropped around 116 dollars, the price of Ripple is almost unchanged and added only 0.03%, while remaining at the level of 0.2987 dollars, the cost of Ethereum fell by 0.38% and reached 106.5 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold fell 1.98%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer 9.66 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies over the past day has not changed and currently amounts to 104 050 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains unchanged, and the current small plus can not cause the resumption of full purchases or breakdown resistance.
Курс биткоина: Эксперт спрогнозировал крипто-зиму еще на два года
It seems that the current week will be just as unprincipled, as investors remained in inaction and thoughts about the future of bitcoin and the regulation of the stock market as a whole.
Technically, you can expect the price of BTC will still reach the support line runs near $ 3,200 and will be fixed for future reversal.
We expect that in the coming days, nothing will prevent the quotations of a digital asset slowly sliding down.
On the other hand, now is not the time to buy on the lows, as after a series of statements that “bitcoin has bottomed” a few of the investors expects that the next stop will be the last. Waiting in this situation is a major safe strategy.

Bitcoin exchange rate may accelerate the decline in the next few days

In addition to the clear technical factors and issues related to the regulation of crypto experts one of the risks is called the onset of the Chinese New year.
At this time, many Chinese investors are leaving the market bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into Fiat. So it was last year and in the period of the peak values when the value of Bitcoin was near $ 20,000.
It is expected that the holidays can play with the most popular digital asset “cruel joke”, as the Chinese market is quite sizable and abrupt capital flight will undoubtedly cause the excess supply of bitcoins and a fall in prices.
Despite the attempts of the authorities to restrict trade of China many investors use different ways to continue trading, thus making a significant proportion of capital in the cryptocurrency market.
Historically, the current month was positive for bitcoin, but in the current environment, things could change, and experts warn about the high risks associated with the bitcoin exchange rate these days.
Meanwhile, the head of the French company Ledger developing solutions for ensuring security in the crypto technology Eric Larchive believes that crypto-winter will last at least another two years.
He told this in an interview with CNN, saying that the company expects the occurrence of “nuclear winter in kriptonyte”.
Currently, the company’s development strategy changed dramatically, to over the next two years to ensure the survival, waiting for the bull market and the growth rate of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as it is, in his opinion, only a matter of time.
He also said:
“Institutional customers continue to believe in cryptocurrency as an investment tool, and expect that soon will appear techinsurance derivative instruments, such as equities, bonds and securities”
Many companies over the past year have left the market, and it is not only those who engaged in the development and implementation of blockchain technology, but also the companies performing the mining hardware.
It hit hard on the investment appeal of bitcoin and the market in General, however, Lausevic not the only one who expects that growth rates will return within 2 years, when regulatory issues are finally resolved, and the mechanisms of trading in the stock market is clear for big capital.
Курс биткоина: Эксперт спрогнозировал крипто-зиму еще на два года
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™