The European stock market will rise after the meeting, trump and cadet

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European stock markets in the short term are likely to add about 2.5-3% after the meeting of the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker with the President of the United States Donald trump has borne fruit in resolving trade disagreements between the two parties.
During the meeting there had been some trade arrangement. Thus, in particular, will work jointly in the direction of the zero duties on industrial goods. In addition, both parties will seek opportunities to expand natural gas imports from U.S. to EU countries, and also strive to increase the volume of imports of soybeans.
The results of the meeting gave a positive impetus to the Euro, which began to rise against the dollar in the international currency market. It can be expected that the European currency will soon be able to grow to the level of 1,775 USD. The impact on the Euro will have and the speculation of market participants regarding future policy to the ECB rates. Previously, trump has accused the EU that the ECB is manipulating the Euro and deliberately maintains low interest rates.
European markets will also pay attention to emerging statements of the largest American and European companies, as well as statistics on the U.S. economy and Europe. In particular, the previously published index of consumer confidence in the German economy. This figure dropped to 10.6 points, while analysts expected conservation level of the previous month (10.7 points).
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club