The Euro: the sale of Italian bonds put pressure on the market

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On Tuesday, October 23, trades in the EUR ended in positive territory. No matter how trying the customers, to win back the previous losses, the uncertainty surrounding Italy and the UK kept them.
The European Commission officially notified the Italian government of the need to bring the parameters of the national budget for 2019 in accordance with the fiscal requirements of the EU.
The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said yesterday that they have no other plan. The yield on 10-year government bonds in Italy jumped to 3.60%. Today in Asia it increased to 3.62%.
On Tuesday, the price reached 45 degrees, but before that to update the minimum was around 1,1508. The Italian problem will not give the Euro much stronger against the dollar.
The technical picture between different periods controversial. For me, this means that the Euro/dollar today expect fluctuations. At the 1H and 4H will risk today to look at the return rates to 45 gr. the level 1,1495. Do not exclude test mark 1,1440. It will depend on news from Italy and the UK. Any negative news — breath test 1,1440. While the situation with Italy is not allowed to buy euros at this price formation is very risky.
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Planned stats:
• From 10:15 to 11:00 GMT the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector and the service sector in October in France, Germany and the Eurozone.
• At 11:00 the Eurozone will publish data on changes in the monetary aggregate M3 and lending to the private sector for September.
• At 11:30 Britain will present data on changes of approved applications for mortgage loans according to BBA for September.
• At 16:00 U.S. will release the index of housing prices for August.
• At 16:45 the US will release the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector and PMI services in October.
• At 17:00 the Bank of Canada will announce interest rate decision.
• At 17:00, the United States announced about the change in the volume of new home sales for September.
• At 17:30 US Department of energy will release its report on oil reserves.
• At 18:15 there will be a press conference by Bank of Canada.
• At 21:00 the USA will publish the Beige book of the fed.
Vladislav Antonov,