The Euro: the Reduction of tensions between China and the US strengthened the dollar

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On Tuesday, March 27, trades on the EUR/USD pair ended lower. The Euro fell against the dollar to 1,2373 on the background of General strengthening of the U.S. dollar. Growth of the dollar contributed to technical factors, and a reduction in the escalation of the trade conflict between the us and China.
Bloomberg reported that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discussed the problem of trade deficit with China with the Chinese Finance Minister Liu he, and they agreed to find solutions to this problem.
The U.S. government asked China to reduce tariffs on American cars, expand access to American companies from the United States to the Chinese financial market, and also want China to buy more semiconductors from the United States.
15 hours of correction and now again we are seeing sales of the single currency. At the time of writing the Euro is worth 1,2394. The sellers are testing the trend line. Hour cycles, it turns out the fall. At the moment, according to the forecast weakening of the Euro to 1,2353, including Asia Thursday.
In Euro crosses mixed picture, as the actual dollar. The dollar strengthened towards many currencies, except the pound and the Australian dollar.
The GDP of the United States do not pay attention, as will the third estimate for the fourth quarter, which has no effect on the market. This week we will complete the first quarter of 2018.
At 11:00 GMT Switzerland will publish the index of investors ‘ expectations according to the ZEW and Credit Suisse in March.
At 13:00 GMT Britain will present the index of retail sales according to the Confederation of British industry in March.
At 15:30 GMT the U.S. will report the volume change of GDP for the fourth quarter and the balance of foreign trade in goods for February.
At 17:00 GMT the U.S. will publish the change in volume of pending home sales for February.
At 17:30 GMT US Department of energy will publish data on reserves of oil.
Vladislav Antonov,