The Euro received support and measurement at the maximum

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During the European session Euro rose to 1,1673 from which the buyers retreated to 1,1646. Now they are trying to strengthen the bullish momentum from the mark 1,1621. At the time of writing the Euro is worth 1,1655.
Demand for riskier assets increased on the news from Germany and China. The ruling coalition in Germany has agreed on the issue of migration. The idea of this topic is no longer have to worry traders.
Managing people’s Bank of China said today that the recent weakening of the yuan is not a result of the policy of the regulator, and due to market expectations related to uncertainty about the trade conflict with the United States. The regulator monitors the situation on the Forex market and will support the exchange rate stable at a reasonable level.
In the United States today is a shortened day, the calendar is almost empty before tomorrow’s holiday, independence Day. On the evening of the morning I keep the aim on the pair Euro/dollar in the area 1,1616.
Vladislav Antonov,