The Euro has strengthened the UK

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On Tuesday, 9 October, trading in the Euro closed lower on five points. In the European trading, the Euro decreased to 1,1432. In the us session buyers pared losses, raising the rate to 1,1503. The catalyst for the growth of the pair was renewed weakening of the us currency in response to the decline in yields on 10-year US bond.
Positive impact on the currency market also had news from the UK. Diplomats said that the EU and UK have made progress in negotiations on Brexit. Trading conditions may be approved by Monday (October 15).
Traders continue to focus on the difference between yields on German and Italian bonds. The increase in spread will cause concern among buyers. In addition to problems in Italy, the focus of market participants are the negotiations between the UK and the EU.
Any negative news on Brexit and Italian budget will cause selling of the Euro. The fall stopped near the daily trend line. Consider that if to start it to 1.16, after a rollback to 1,1461.
At 09:45 GMT France has published data on the change in the volume of industrial production for August.
At 11:30 GMT United Kingdom reported on the change of GDP, industrial production, output in the manufacturing industry, has published trade balance and data on the volume of construction in August.
At 15:30 GMT in Canada will publish data on the change in the volume of issued building permits for August.
At 15:30 GMT the U.S. will release the producer price index for September.
At 16:00 GMT the UK will release the change in GDP from NIESR for September.
At 17:00 GMT the U.S. will report the volume of stocks in warehouses of wholesale trade for August.
Vladislav Antonov,