The dollar will not rise above 57 rubles in the coming days

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The Russian ruble on Tuesday afternoon showed mixed trading in pairs of foreign currencies. The US dollar is 56,72 RUB (+0,5%). The Euro is trading at 70,01 RUB (-0,05%). Official rates of the CBRF for tomorrow, February 21, 56,52 make up a RUB for the American currency (raised 18 cents) and of 69.89 RUB per EUR (reduced by 1 penny).
Commodity market today also looks extremely heterogeneous. A barrel of North sea Brent grade of oil to the middle of the day falls to 0.8% and is trading at $65,14. While the barrel of WTI is more expensive by 0.7% and costs $61,98.
On the one hand, commodity prices pushes the dollar, which began to recover quite active with a pair of the single European currency. On the other present at the site the risks of complications of relations in the middle East keep the price of oil and do not allow them to collapse. Among other things, information about the performance of the countries-members of OPEC+ agreements under agreements on the reduction of commodity production and its freezing also plays on the buyers side. Hence, such a striking difference in the dynamics of the varieties of black gold today.
The next goal short-term rise in the dollar is the foreign 57.00 RUB on the road buyers will be the upper limit of the current range 57,25 RUB In that case, if investors will be able to stabilize the dollar above this value, the chances of continued strengthening of the dollar/ruble for tomorrow will increase. Euro/ruble will remain within marks 69,70-70,85 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,