The dollar will be back in the 62-63 range of the ruble to the end of the month

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Today on the Moscow stock exchange the dollar exchange rate did not rise above the region 61,54 RUB, rolling around 61 rubles, and the Euro slipped to 72 RUB Both foreign currency is testing the psychological support levels that are fundamentally justified. However, potential ruble appreciation is limited, and the current protorgovki may stall in the area of these levels.
Tomorrow waiting for the fed minutes. Against this background, the ruble is strengthening. High oil prices has a positive impact on the national currency.
Despite the slight positive on the Russian market there are sales of assets. Of course, it’s a negative for our economy. But we believe that this is a temporary situation. Need to relive those three days, when the US Treasury will post treasuries by $99 billion, then the tension will subside.
Political risks will determine the dynamics of assets of the Russian Federation, and any breaking news will immediately affect both the ruble and oil prices. Another important news: Russia plans to retaliate against the United States and to increase duties on the imported goods in the amount of $ 558 million According to our estimates, by the end of may, the dollar return in the range of 62-63 RUB e
Bozena Klimenko,
The financial expert of the company,