The dollar sent the ruble to outsiders on the first day after the election

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The stock market opened moderately and during the day was gathering pace of decline. The evening index Mosberg went down in the area of 2285 points, on Tuesday there is a possible decline towards the intermediate support at 2260 points after the breakout of which will open the way to 2245 points. The RTS index decreases faster and has gone beyond the medium-term corridor 1250-1300 points.
After overcoming the support 1242/1244 points the bears put to decline to 1220 points. The main reason for such a gloomy mood is simple – during the weekend the situation with Britain has not changed, but there is a new reason to consider that just because this confrontation will not end.
The shares of metallurgical sector on Monday declined markedly amid falling prices for industrial metals group in commodities markets.
Securities “Polyus Gold” (-1,2%) retreated on Monday amid a notable decline in gold prices. While talking about the sale of “Lenzoloto” are not reflected on the quotations of “Pole”, although in the future, this deal could significantly improve financial data “the pole gold” by eliminating from the assets of less profitable units and displacement of the interest of the company in favor of strategic importance.

The dollar exceeded 58 rubles

The ruble has been among outsiders in a basket of currencies. The dollar rose to a maximum of five weeks and shot 58,0 RUB, and then fell back a little lower. The results of the Russian presidential elections here don’t matter: the rouble reacts to the preservation of foreign background tense, and investors, apparently, do not exclude the aggravation of confrontation with London. If by morning the external environment will remain current, the pair dollar/ruble will try to consolidate in the range 57,60-58,10. If the urge to escape risks are maintained, the new target of the “bulls” will be the turn of 58,40 RUB per dollar.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,