The dollar is steadily increasing against the ruble under pressure policy

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The ruble weakened against the dollar, under pressure from geopolitical factors and falling oil prices. To counter the negativity help the Russian currency sale of export proceeds within the framework of the tax period.
Oil is traded in the “red zone”, reacting to the release of the American petroleum Institute about the growth of stocks of raw materials in the United States by 5.3 million barrels for the week.
Information from API neutralized the positive effect of the statement of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the fact that OPEC is committed to long-term cooperation with Russia and other major producers of “black gold”. To finally sort out players will help official statistics from the energy information Administration, which will be released today.
Us dollar rises in price, despite investor concerns related to the possible beginning of a trade war between the US and China. The positive effect is probably related to the increasing interest in U.S. government securities.
Expected trading range for today is 57,05 – RUB 58,05/USD.
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