The dollar is stable against the ruble

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Russian ruble in Wednesday afternoon trading fairly evenly in a basket of currencies, despite the oil pitching and careful for the dollar on the world currency market. “American” is to the present time 56.56 per. and almost not changing in price compared to the opening levels trading, the Euro is estimated at RUB 69,71 (-0,1%). Official rates of the CBRF for tomorrow, February 22, 56,65 make up a RUB for the American currency (dollar chickens raised by 13 cents) and RUB over the 69,80 Euro (the Euro rate is lowered to 9 cents).
The commodity market continues to swing significantly. A barrel of North sea Brent oil is to the middle of the day $of 64.66 (-0,9%). As expected, last week the oil reserves could grow in the U.S. at 2.5-3 million barrels. About 1 million barrels could increase gasoline supplies and distillate stocks, the picture remains very mixed. Tonight late in the day because of the hours Monday, the American petroleum Institute will release updated data on this, there will be a similar release from the US Department of energy.
In February, tax payments to the Russian exporters traditionally very low for the year, so there is no point in waiting expressed support for the ruble from the next tax period.
At the moment the relative balance of the Russian currency provides, the demand for OFZ and the expectation of publication of the international rating Agency S&P on February 23 the results of the review of Russian investment rating. While much indicates they are likely to increase: if so, then in the beginning of next week, the ruble will significantly strengthen in pairs with the dollar and the Euro. Meanwhile, the pair dollar/ruble will be traded within the boundaries of 56,40-56,85 RUB over the USD and the Euro/ruble – in the range 69,70-70,85 RUB for Euro.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,