The dollar is falling, the cost on the Moscow stock exchange fell to 56,5918 rubles

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Stock Markets Group – The dollar against the ruble at 17.35 GMT. on the Moscow stock exchange by calculations “tomorrow” fell to 56,5918 rubles. The dollar continues to fall across the entire spectrum of the market. All attempts of growth made by the currency continued to meet resistance from sellers, supported by the external factors.
The inflation report, released yesterday, showed growth in consumer prices, and would have to maintain the confidence of the market in a more aggressive fed policy on interest rates. But it went unnoticed against the background of falling consumer demand in January, which was more significant for the dollar bears.
As a result, today, the dollar tumbled against a basket of world currencies and the ruble in particular. The yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury is growing and getting closer to 3%. We expect that the growth will trigger higher activity in purchases of the dollar on the market.
The growth of the dollar may also trigger a weaker macroeconomic data and the weakness of the us economy. As dollar investors will be attention to follow the rhetoric of fed officials.
If the rise in consumer prices will continue in February, the fed will be forced to take measures for its stimulation. At the moment, the dollar will remain in a zone of turbulence and fall against the ruble and other world currencies.
Elena Sverdlova,
Leading analyst,
Stock Markets Group™