The dollar is again aimed at around 65 rubles

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Without external support the Russian stock market has appeared not in forces to develop the exit from the outset and settled in negative territory. European stocks drop at the next deterioration of investors ‘ sentiment towards risk. Oil is also stalled, though held above the level of 67 dollars per barrel Brent. In the second half of day the index of RTS Mosberg and decrease by 0.55% and 1.30%, respectively. The dollar index is feeling additional pressure from the currency factor – the ruble depreciates on average by 0.5% against the dollar and the Euro.
The ruble is trading under pressure in accordance with the dynamics of the emerging currencies segment, which shows that investors concerned about the prospects of a global economic slowdown. Also our currency is not getting significant support from the oil market, where the rally stalled under the $ 68 level and Mature signs of correction, which is realized when the flight from risk will increase and positive industry news in the near future will not appear.
The pair dollar/ruble, which yesterday tried to test the mark 64 RUB, now goes to the level of 65 rubles., noting daily highs in the area 64,85 RUB In the Forex market the U.S. currency went on to decline after this morning’s growth attempts, which limits the short-term downside risks for the ruble. However, given the sanctions, the oil geopolitical risks, the threat of breakout of the level of 65 rubles. increases.
Gennady Nikolaev
Expert, Academy of management Finance and investment