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The head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin called on the Russians to sell dollars and to buy the domestic currency.
Background: Maxim S. Oreshkin — statesman of Russia, Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation (30 November 2016). … Was replaced by Alexei Ulyukayev, who lost his post in connection with the “loss of confidence”. Maxim Oreshkin became the youngest Minister of the Russian Federation.
Liksutov is a brilliant economist.
And can not know that for a noticeable strengthening of the ruble in the medium term there is no reason. On the contrary, the factors affecting the rate of our national currency will retain and even strengthen its action in the foreseeable future. Moreover, these can be added a new threat. For example, tough new us sanctions awaiting us in November. But it is, purely in virtue of the office, have to say that all will be well.
And what do we, mere mortals, to save at least part of what is acquired by back-breaking toil, from impairment caused by future depreciation of the rouble?
Here are a few specific recommendations relevant to the current situation:
1) to calculate how many rubles you and your family need on average a month, in order to maintain their way of life;
2) to postpone the supply of rubles for 3 months;
3) defer as much again as NC;
4) go to the exchange and the remaining rubles to buy U.S. dollars and euros in the ratio 50: 50. That is cash. This is important.
The above steps will protect your savings from the threat of devaluation of the ruble, and on the possible introduction of restrictions on cash withdrawals from banks, and from the high volatility observed recently in the international currency market. But what exactly should not do is to buy the future home appliances, cars and gold. And rubles.
To follow or not to follow these guidelines – it’s up. But the experience of the last quarter century shows that as soon as Russian authorities begin to reassure the population about the falling ruble, he, the ruble, with a slight slowdown begins to fall even more. The authorities have strenuously calm. So, again, it is time to listen carefully and do the opposite.
As for the prospects of the currency pair US dollar / Russian ruble (USD/RUR) as of the exchange tool, I can say the following: fundamental factors pressing on the ruble, everything is clear about them is not only lazy spoke. As for the technical picture, from Tuesday, September 11, there has been a small downward correction on the instrument USD / Russian ruble (USD/RUR) caused by the partial fixation of profit on previously open positions. And it is already close to completion (in the mark of 67 rubles to the dollar). After the correction, the ruble resumed its fall with the immediate goal in the area 72.00 – 72.50 rubles per dollar, which will be achieved no later than the end of the 1st decade of October.
Now as for the pair USD/RUR is a small decrease, but then quotes chart turned up.
At the time of writing of this review, the USD/RUR was quoted at 68.12 (sale price Bid).
Andrew Perekalskiy,