The dollar has a good chance of growth

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The beginning of the month was very busy, many assets have shown strong volatility.

The foreign exchange market

Growth of the dollar against the European currency was very rapid. On Tuesday, July 31, the pair reached a maximum at around 1.1746, and ended the week at 1.1567, close to the level of 1.1550, the breaking of which can inspire the bears to target quotes on the break of the 1.1500, which can lead to a subsequent fall with a target at 1.0800.
The British pound, touching high at 1.3173, closed the week around 1.30. Brexit does not allow the pound to breathe. Raising interest rates given short-term strengthening, but further discussion of withdrawal from the European Union tempered the ardor of the bulls and they lost ground. The growth prospects of the British pound this week, illusory, just in the last trading day of the week, market participants may receive interest on GDP data. Goal by the end of the week – 1.2855.
Canadian dollar against other currencies last week showed himself confident enough against its U.S. rival, starting five days in the district 1.3053 to close at around 1.2989. Week does not portend extreme volatility for the loonie, the working area will be in the hallway 1.3075 — 1.2975.

The stock market

After falling and losing 19% of value, shares of Facebook lost its appeal. Last week the stock was trading around 166.50, to close Friday at a level of 176.36. Goal for this week – 181.50.
Apple opened last week at around 191.71, showed growth toward the end of the week, reaching $ 207.99. Breaking above 208, quotes may target of 213 $ per share.
Renat Abdurakhmanov
Financial analyst,
Larson & Holz