The dollar confidently struck the mark of 65 rubles

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On Tuesday, April 30, the auction on ruble pairs closed higher. The dollar rose 0.26%, to RUB 64,62, Euro – 0.59% 72,51 to RUB, pound is 1.03, to 84,26 RUB.
In the U.S. session, the dollar briefly exceeded 65 rubles. the Ruble weakened against foreign currencies amid the release of information on new anti-Russian U.S. sanctions. Publication of the text of a new sanctions bill became the trigger for the currency market, but by evening, the ruble has played a large part of the losses of the dollar. The bill is aimed at the national debt and the Russian state-owned banks. Experts believe that it is unlikely to be adopted in the published form.
The British currency has risen on the message that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Mrs may is preparing to conclude negotiations with labour in the middle of next week. The Euro increased to 1,1250 on the back of strong data on GDP for the first quarter and the inflation report in Germany in April. Additional pressure on the ruble comes from the unwillingness of investors to leave the position open before the may holidays. The ruble on Tuesday and failed to regain losses for the common currency and the British pound.

So why is the ruble falling?

Today trading on Masuria have opened sharply higher on ruble pairs. The Russian currency weakened to a foreign after the may holidays, in response to the drop in oil prices and the strengthening U.S. dollar after the press conferences fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Moscow exchange today resumed work, however, trading liquidity remains low, and the “thin market” is very feel at ease speculators, which with high probability were used adverse for the ruble situation and pull the Russian currency down.
24 April formed a sideways trend with the boundaries of 64.30–65,00 RUB Today, the U.S. dollar went up from a range of 64.30–65,00 RUB Price exceeded the range of 27%. It is not the critical level, the dollar may again go back below $ 65 RUB At the opening of Masuri index RGBI has grown on 0,08%, to 137,13. The subject of sanctions at the moment, is ignored.
If falling oil prices will accelerate to the us session, then it will increase the pressure on the ruble. In this case, the buyers of the dollar will take a course to the value of 65.43 RUB.___________________
Vladislav Antonov,
Analyst of information and analytical center,